Our Expertise


The Works / Full Treatment


30 min appointment - From £38.00 (over 65's £33.00)

The Works! A full MOT and Service for your feet. Starting with a brief soak, includes a full professional nail cut, removal of all hard skin, corns and anything else required. Finished with a soothing foot cream massage to leave your feet in tip-top condition. 


Professional Nail Cutting


15 min appointment -  From £22.00

A professional nail cut and shape. (Doesn't include any other treatments.) Ideal for those who struggle to cut their own nails. 




Ingrown Nails


15 min appointment -  From £27.00               

Treatment and removal of the ingrowing nail section to give immediate relief from the pain of an ingrown nail.




Corn Removal


15 min appointment - From £22.00

Enucleation and removal of hard or soft corns to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by them. (This is a stand alone treatment and doesn't include any other treatment.) 


5 minute Fungal Nail Test


15 min appointment - Test from £50.00 

Get conclusive test results in minutes instead of days. No sending samples away, easy painless procedure done in the clinic whilst you wait.


Fungal Nail Treatment


Price on application

State-of-the-art fungal nail treatment using Clearanails revolutionary micro-drill system to painlessly penetrate the nailplate and treat the infection at the source. (Practitioners - Sara & Anj Only)


Callus Removal


15 min appointment - From £22.00

Professional removal of callus and hard skin. Leaving your foot smooth and callus free. (This is a stand alone treatment and doesn't include any other treatment.) 


Cracked Heels


15 min appointment - From £22.00

Debriding and repair of cracked heels to allow the body to heal. Requires ongoing treatment for best results. (This is a stand alone treatment and doesn't include any other treatment.)


Custom Orthotics


From £120.00 - Includes Biomechanical Assessment and one set of Orthotics (insoles)

High quality custom orthotics are tailored to your specific needs at the chair-side to correct foot function and provide support and comfort. (Practitioner - Matthew Only)


Nail Reconstruction


Price from £45.00 1st Nail

LCN Nail Reconstruction to repair damaged or broken nails. This is a semi-permanent prosthetic nail which acts as a natural nail. (Requires a minimum of 25% of healthy nail to act as an anchor). (Practitioner - Irina Only)

nail painting.png

Nail Painting/Polish


Additional 15 min appointment -  From £17.00

Add a nail polish to your treatment and show your toes off at their best. (Don't forget to bring suitable footwear as your polish will need time to dry.) (Practitioners Lisa & Irina Only)