Website Policy: Deposit for High-Value Treatment

At The Dunstable Foot Clinic, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care to our esteemed clients and facilitating effective support for our self-employed practitioners. As part of this commitment, certain practitioners may introduce a deposit policy for high-value treatments.

Here’s an overview of the deposit policy, along with additional relevant details:

Practitioner’s Decision:

Our practitioners retain the autonomy to decide whether a deposit will be applicable to high-value treatments. Factors considered when making this determination include the treatment’s nature, associated costs, and the possibility of missed appointments.

Deposit Amount and Communication Timing:

Should a practitioner choose to institute a deposit policy, the specific amount will be calculated based on the projected treatment cost. To ensure clarity, you will receive communication about the deposit amount.

Deposit Collection Process:

Deposits will be collected directly by the practitioner themselves, operating under their individual company name (NOT The Dunstable Foot Clinic). To facilitate this, a secure payment link will be sent to you via text message. These messages will be dispatched following your treatment booking. This message will serve as an alert that your treatment is eligible for a deposit. Subsequently, you should anticipate receiving a direct message from the practitioner, outlining the deposit procedure.

Utilization of the Deposit:

The deposit you provide will be allocated toward the total cost of your treatment. When you attend your appointment, the deposit amount will be deducted from your final bill. However, in cases of missed appointments, the deposit may be considered non-refundable, or a portion of it might be retained to compensate the practitioner for their missed appointment.

Practitioner Discretion and Policy Variation:

It’s important to acknowledge that the deposit policy can vary among practitioners within The Dunstable Foot Clinic. Additionally, please note that The Dunstable Foot Clinic is not directly involved in the collection or refund processes associated with the deposit. Hence, to ensure comprehensive clarity before scheduling your appointment, we strongly recommend direct communication with your practitioner.

Contact and Secure Payment Link:

Expect to be directly contacted by your practitioner, who will communicate under their individual company name. To ensure security and ease, a secure payment link will be conveniently sent to you via text message. These messages will be dispatched  following your treatment booking. This message will alert you that your treatment is eligible for a deposit, with further communication from the practitioner to follow.

Our primary goal is to strike an equitable balance that fairly compensates our self-employed practitioners for their expertise, while also catering to your needs as our esteemed client. We encourage you to proactively engage with your selected practitioner to make well-informed decisions regarding your appointments.