Fungal Nail Treatment

Fungal nails can affect anyone at any time. Although the condition isn’t painful, the infection can be highly contagious and unsightly. Many of the ‘over-the-counter’ treatments are ineffective and fail to resolve the issue.

Fungal Nail Treatment is exclusively carried out by our trained fungal nail specialists Anj Shah and Irina Vorobjova.

The Lacuna Method

The Lacuna Method uses advanced micro penetration of the nail plate to allow access of the topical treatment to reach the fungal infection without destroying the nail or nail bed. Tiny holes are made with a very fine drill through the nail plate and doesn’t cause any damage to the nail bed beneath. These tiny precise holes allow the topical treatment when applied regularly to quickly reach the problem area more effectively and treat the infection at the source with impressive results. To find out more, book your consultation with Anj or Irina to see if this treatment will work for you too.

Lacuna Method Benefits