Verruca Treatment

A Verruca is the name given to a wart which can usually be found the sole of the foot but can also affect the toes. They are a common problem and are caused by your feet coming into direct contact with a virus called HPV. They may be very painful and although some of them will resolve themselves within a few months, some may persist over many years and spread to other areas of the foot.

Verrutop treatment is exclusively carried out by our verruca specialist Phil Carroll.

The Verrutop Method

Although there are several over-the-counter treatments available, these often do not have much of an effect on an established verruca.

Verrutop is a new type of treatment for Verrucae, which is only available through foot clinics.

Unlike cryotherapy or other chemical treatments, Verrutop does not act by freezing or burning the tissue. Instead, it acts by desiccating, or drying out the tissue, destroying the DNA of the virus which causes the Verruca. This enables the dead tissue to be easily removed by the practitioner

Treatment with Verrutop involves the verruca being carefully debrided of the dead skin by a practitioner and the product being very carefully applied, usually at two weekly intervals until the verruca is resolved. To find out more, book your appointment with Phil, our Verrutop treatment specialist.

Verrutop Benefits